Day 1 - 16 November  

Search Like a Pro - EUR-LEX followed by Q & A

Valentina Fratto, Head of Sector, EUR-LEX, Publications Office

Parallel workshops – European Documentation Centres will discuss their role (challenges, best practices, recommendations) in the following areas:

1- The implementation of the Partnership Agreement between the European Commission and EDCs’ host structures

Alessandro Giordani, Head of Unit, Networks in Member States, General Directorate for CommunicationNiklas Noaksson, Information and Communication Assistant, Networks in Member States, General Directorate for Communication
2- Attracting students to participate in civic and democratic life at European level
Susanne Fraczek, European Documentation Centre, University for Continuing Education Krems (Danube University Krems)
3- The role/s of EDCs in informing students and researchers about exchange programmes and EU co-funded opportunities, including supporting Back to University
Johannes Gehringer, Policy Officer, Directorate General for Education and Culture

Search Like a Pro - EU Open Data Portal - followed by Q & A

Giuseppe Ascone-Modica, EU open data and Cordis, Publications Office

European Elections 2024 –Engagement Strategy and tools followed by Q & A

Stephen Clark, Director, Directorate-General for Communication, European Parliament

Day 2 - 17 November  

How to skillfully communicate the European Green Deal – followed by Q & A

Jeremy Herry, Information and Communication officer, Directorate-General for Climate Action

Search Like a Pro - Legislative Observatory – followed by Q & A

Rolandas Pyragis, Administrator, Directorate-General for the Presidency, European Parliament